“Saigon to the DMZ” VHPA, P-a-S & U.S. Ops in Vietnam 13 – 26 Apr 2024

Loved being with so many Veterans of the Vietnam War. 

Kevin & Diane Kohler

The Tour Staff was excellent & high praise for John Powell & Bob Hesselbein, they were GREAT & made the tour so excellent!

Michael O’Neil, US Army

Everythingwas on the money! Enjoyed all the people on the trip and it was an experience of a lifetime. I give it an A+! Had a great roommate too!

Vince Cominski, USN

Seriously: Tour Leader John & Historian Bob are the best guides! Everything was well-planned and yet flexible. Participants were treated very well. Great (perfect) blend of history & culture, old & new, cannot offer any criticism. Thank you for another top notch experience.

Mike Sprayberry, US Army MOH & Julie Kink

More time in Saigon would have been good. More history and group discussions during bus travel would improve the experience. [Ed.: Noted & passed to Operations]

Mike Adkinson, US Army

Special Holiday Tour to Vietnam “Delta to the DMZ” 26 Nov – 7 Dec 2023 

It was a great trip. Ron was helpful, accomadating, & a wealth of information. It was our second trip with Ron & he is terrific. We would be happy to travel with him again. The accommodations were very nice & some of the restaurants were outstanding.

The tour might be extended a day or two. There is a great deal to see in a short period of time & Vietnm Vets are getting older. [Great suggestion]

Overall, we had a great time & would recommend the trip to friends.

Nelson & Lee Stiles

82nd Anniversary of Pearl Harbor & WWII Sites 1 – 8 Dec 2023

An outstanding tour that I will recommend to all my family and friends. The only thing I would like to add with US Navy’s & National Park Service’s approval would be the USS Utah & USS Oklahoma ceremonies on Ford Island (areas closed to the public.)

William Seidenstein

What a great & fulfilling week. The entire group was a pleasure to be with. I highly recommend MHT to everyone! The Best!

Gary Hohe

Shayne  & Clift (Tour Leaders) were excellent! I would recommend!

John Chaffey USN

We left on our trip on 28 Nov 23.  We took a week-long tour for the 82nd Pearl Harbor Anniversary with the Military Historical Tour group (awesome tours open to all regardless of military background). The weather was nice most of the time.  Hawaii is beautiful and all the WWII history was touching, to say the least. 
Besides visiting the Arizona, the Missouri, the Bowfin Submarine, and the Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor, we toured scenic look-outs, the O’ahu’s famous North Shore Surf Beaches where several movies have been filmed, the park where the Jurassic Park movie was filmed, the Punchbowl National Cemetery, drove around Honolulu, saw the Palace where the King of Hawaii lived, the Oahu’s rain forest, the Dole pineapple plantation, the replica of the Iwo Jima statue, the U.S. Army Museum, the Pearl Harbor Parade as well as the opening ceremonies at Fort DeRussy Park.  We also enjoyed a Gala dinner as part of the tour, and a lot of free time for swimming, shopping or whatever on our own.  Enjoy some of the pictures of our week-long tour in Hawaii with the Military Historical Tour group, let by Shayne Jarosz.

Jack & Geri Zore

The main ceremony service was excellent so was the night (Gala) at the air base (Ford Island’s Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum.)

Archie Holte

From D-Day to the Bulge 25 Aug – 7 Sept 2023

Outstanding tour, excellent itinerary and Tour Leaders. Will definitly book another tour with MHT!

Peter J. Lambert

Shayne & Rich did an outstanding job as guides & historians. I called the Rise & Fall & D-Day Tours the Camelot tours, as it only rainded at night except for one day when it drizzled a little. 

Normandie was great. The way the Forces which fought there are honored, is something to behold. Americans who don’t honor our flag should go there & see how it is revered in Normandie. Really enjoyed seeing where the Berlin Brigade was, as I knew some people who were stationed there.  

LTC Jack C. Zore, USA(Ret)

It was nice tostay at hotels where there were a variety of eateries & restaurants nearby. The bus was roomy & comfortable. The tour leader knew his business& had a good working personality.

Fred Wigno

(MHT Historian) Rich Yoder’s “Daily Briefings” were so helpful with knowing the sites we would see! (Tour Leader) Shayne took good care of us with explaining each cities stops for food & shopping as well as entertaining us with his humor!

Ed & Edie Nowicki

Vietnam Delta to the DMZ 5 – 18 Aug 2023

I had a great time although everything has changed since 1965-66 and 1968. I thank your office for getting me into the August Tour.

Edward J. Keenan

The Rise & Fall of the Third Reich 11 – 25 Aug 2023

Shayne & Rich are outstanding tour guides & historians. I was stationed in Germany 1969 to 1971 & went back in 1995.

I had a great time during this entire tour, but I wish everyone could have seen the Hofbrauhaus as I remember it. Anyway, the beer & Schnitzel were excellent, & the Museum of Nazi Resisters was good too.

LTC Jack C. Zore, USA(Ret)

Greetings Gentlemen,

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. The trip was well organized and well run. Hotels were great except the one with all the stairs. Even there, the room was very nice. Both Rich Yoder and Shayne Jarosz were amazing guides. I learned so much. The choice of sites to see was excellent. Prague was probably the least favorite. It was wonderful to visit but didn't add that much to the military history aspect. A stay in Rothenberg would be a great substitute. 

The tours of Berlin provided by Dr. Ulitz were one of the highlights. Bob and I liked it so much that we already signed up for the Waterloo trip in 2024. It will be our 3rd Military Historical Tours Adventure! We just can't get enough.

Eileen Nobles (and Bob Odien by proxy)

Bus & drivers were excellent! Enjoyed Dr. Ulitz (step on guide) & appreciated his information about Berlin. Shayne & Rich work well together.They are knowledgeable & capable leaders who were responsive to needs & wants of the group. After waiting 3 years (due to Covid ) for this tour, it did not disappoint!!

Larry & Sarah Huskins

Great for the first tour! Spend the night in Rothenberg as we needed more time to enjoy the city.

Kevin & Diane Kohler

Guadalcanal 31 Jul – 8 Aug 2023

We had a great tour to Guadalcanal. Joe (Tour Leader Colonel Mueller) is the best! Thank you for all of your help. Have a grerat rest of your summer. 

Semper Fidelis, Dirk Mosis

Joe Mueller was an excellent, knowledgeable, friendly guide.

Douglas McVey

VHPA & U.S. Operations “Return to Vietnam” 15 – 28 Apr 2023

My first tour to Vietnam was in 1966 and my BOQ was in Saigon around the corner from the 3rd Field Hospital. The hospital was kitty corner from the hotel housing the MP Battalion. That BOQ was closed, & we were moved to a BOQ on Tan Son Nhut Air Base.

LTC Jack C. Zore, USA(Ret)

Iwo Jima 78th Anniversary 20 – 27 Mar 2023

Everything was great!

Gary Holte

Col. Warren Wiedhahn: Sir, first and most important, thanks to you and your entire team for a wonderful 78th Anniversary Iwo Jima Reunion.  This was my first trip to Guam and to Iwo Jima.  Whether it be the transportation, accommodations, or the daily tours, they all exceeded my expectations.  Even when there was an issue, the staff adapted and moved on successfully.
I do want to point out individuals that I believe personally resulted in a well-run enjoyable of the trip – Pam Lawrence, Shayne Jarosz, Lucille Katavich, and Anne Swenson.
Pam in the Office, after 3 years waiting on this trip,  she is probably much more productive now that I am not calling or emailing her with questions, etc.  Always pleasant and helpful.
Shayne was always there to provide up to date information, help where needed, and of course his excellent tour guide content (sometimes humorous beyond) kept our bus full of enthusiasm.
Lucille, what can I say, on Iwo Jima and the airplane coming home, she was everywhere ensuring everyone was doing ok, getting whatever someone needed, and checking back time after time.
Last, Anne, but for sure not last!  If you haven’t heard from her since the trip, she is probably still recovering from loss of sleep and hunger.  Prior to departure date and throughout the tour, she was always there making sure each piece of the trip was going as planned.  Between her and Lucille, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t wear out airplane carpet on the way home!  She was absolutely a key to the success of the trip.    
Thank you for what I have repeated to many since returning home, the trip was the “most impressive, educational, and solemn” trip I have ever made.  

Rick D. Darnall

Went towards the beach where my father landed and that made me happy.  I did like walking along that road on Iwo by myself at times, it was a change to contemplate the terrain they had to fight for- - a lot of uneven bridges.   Glad I went on the tour.

Adarsh Khalsa

Good Morning from San Antonio, As we know all too well, in any event of such a large scale, there will be unforeseen issues when multiple organizations are involved, and some participants will be impacted. I believe you and your staff provided a very professional, informative, and memorable event for everyone. My wife and I will be joining you all in 2024. I didn't get to go up Mount Suribachi this time. But I told my wife (my Sergeant Major), she's going up with me in March!
God bless you all and your staff and families. Please share this email and Comments with all MHT staff.
Semper Fi
Alfredo Cooke GySgt (Ret)

WWII D-Day Normandy “The Longest Day” 31 May – 13 Jun 2023

First, we arrived & MHT had someone there to meet us – very helpful. Set the tone for the trip. Shayne & Rich were more than knowledgeable – they were hospitable. Both were wonderful! Joel (step on guide) was an unexpected goldmine. Belgium history needed his personal insight & comments. Shayne & Rich’s “outline of the day,” book/movies relating to our tour, and what we can expect the next day – really helpedus leave busy schedules behind & dive into the rich history of the places & time we were in. Truly a trip of a lifetime

Tammie Jo & Dean Shults

Shayne & Rich were great.  It was a terrific trip and would recommend MHT.  Shayne & Rich went out of their way to help my wife with her back issues after the long flight. They also helped my find out information about my grandfather’s service in WW1.

Gary Runner

The tour met ALL expectations!  I thoroughly enjoyed every place that we visited on the tour.  Shayne & Rich helped make it a very enjoyable experience.

Reuben Apodaca USN (Ret)

We were met at the airport and that was very helpful.  Shayne & Rich were more than knowledgeable and very hospitable.  Shayne & Rich’s outline of the day, books/movies relating to our tour and what we can expect the next day was very helpful.

Tammie Shults

Vietnam “Delta to the DMZ”  3 – 16 Jun 2023

Awesome trip, wasn’t sure I would like the tour but it turned out very nice.  Would like to do another trip thanks to John Powell, Bob Hesselbine.  Europe is where I would like to visit next.

CWO4 Donald LeMaster 

Had a great time!

Ken Fuller

An outstanding tour in all aspects!

Mike Kelly

50th Anniversary of Khe Sanh Tour 1 – 13 Apr 2018

Hi guys- just a quick note to tell you all how much I enjoyed my time in Vietnam. My only complaint is it went by too damn fast! The trip exceeded my expectations...which doesn’t happen very often. Not to me anyway.

Ron did a great job- from the big stuff like Khe Sanh and the Imperial City in Hue to the small stuff like preceding us to hotel check in so we could simply walk in and have him hand us our room keys (no small thing when exhausted!). I also appreciated his candor in sharing his personal experiences in country. It added to my experiences as they came to me. Good stuff!

Also- the food, hotels, drivers, quality of the van/buses...all top notch. Last but not least- the Vietnamese local guide help was terrific. Mr. Cong was superb. And Mr. Nam in Hanoi did a great job too.

I hope you can tell I thoroughly enjoyed my trip!

Thank you again,

Randy Caselli

Siege of Khe Sanh 1- 13 Apr 2018

Just a short but heartfelt greeting to you and your wife!
I had a wonderful journey and enjoyed the trip with you; the music brought it all back, feelings I had forgotten.

Until we meet again,
Pam Gorman

Note from Tour Leader Ron Dudek: A nice email from Pam Gorman sister of the Marine that was KIA during operation "No Name Two" About four clicks east of the Citadel in Hue. I asked them if they would like for Mr. Cong, our guide, to purchase a Buddhist burial kit called a Tom. We did the ceremony and Kimberly Gorman tried to read off all the names of his unit that were KIA from his unit but due to her emotions another participant had to take over. Afterwards, I borrowed a cover and Capt. Lopez and myself did a hand salute during the playing of taps from my iPod. It gave Pam some closure.           

Semper Fi,                                                                                                                                                                          


19 April 2018

Colonel Wiedhahn:

Greetings, appreciate the offered response opportunity.  Per your request for comments and suggestion regarding my recently completed Tour, 50th Anniversary of the Siege of Khe Sanh, the following is offered.   Firstly, I order to put my experience into perspective, I must comment that my expectations were based on my previous MHT Tour participation to Iwo Jima but especially Peleliu; expected a like-type battlefield type tour, boots on ground vice a tourist tour at 30,000 feet.  I must add I did not fully take into consideration that despite being open to the world, Vietnam remains a Communist country.  Additionally, I must add that in my expectation for walking on hallowed ground in the Northern I Corps area, I did not take into consideration the existence of unexploded ordinance throughout the AO and host nation-imposed site restrictions.  I fault myself for not fully researching the tour beforehand.  On several occasions in Da Nang, the days Tour events were completed by noon or earlier.  This was principally because of included individual daily massage sessions and other nice tourist type events associated with tour package.  Frankly, I had no interest in these type of activities and would rather have used the opportunity to enhance my experiences at key sites.   I will frankly state that my personal expectation in the North were not met but were lessened by arranging for a personal guide and driver through Ron and VLC to return to the northern I Corps sites very briefly visited the day before.  A great disappointment was the cancelled wreath laying ceremony intended at Khe Sanh.  It was related that because of the absence of a Khe Sanh veteran on the Tour there would be no ceremony; the 50th as well as every anniversary deserves commemoration.   A highlight, if not the highlight, was the memorial held in memory of L/Cpl Stephen Hinds, 1/27 who along with other 23 Marines were killed on 13 April 1968 just east of the Citadel during Operation No Name II.  The presence of L/Cpl’s Hinds 2 sisters and 2 nieces was especially meaningful.   Although, my expectations were not fully achieved, I am certain that within the confines of the Tour, that MHT’s intent and objectives were fully met.   In closing, though disappointed, I would not have forsaken the opportunity...Semper Fidelis


Captain Gilbert A. Lopez USMC (Ret)

50th Anniversary of Mameluke Thrust 19- 31 Aug 2018

  I want to thank you and everyone associated with Miltours for the trip of a lifetime.  When there wasn’t enough interest to put on your usual package you offered me a slightly modified version of the Mameluke Thrust 50th anniversary tour.  I know these projects depend upon economies of scale for financial success. So, what you did for me was incredible. 

  From beginning to end, your staff and representatives here and in Vietnam were outstanding.  The once in a lifetime truly personalized return to Vietnam was more rewarding than I could ever adequately express in words. Tranh (MHT’s Vietnam I-Corps local guide) is a great representative for Miltours.  He is knowledgeable, friendly, enthusiastic and went out of his way to make things happen for me.  On Hill 327 some policeman approached me and said taking photographs was not allowed. He quickly intervened, barked something to the guy which I obviously didn't understand.   The cop apologized and left and Tranh told me to take all the pictures I wanted. [Makes me wonder who Tranh really works for. We actually walked around the entire Hill 10, Hill 55, Cam Le Bridge (near Da Nang), and Hue City.  Areas that have significant emotional impact for me. 

  The accommodations at the Brilliant Hotel in Da Nang and Imperial Hotel in Hue were excellent choices. Clean, modern, with wonderful amenities. The dining options at both are delicious and more than reasonable in cost.

  The only negative to the trip was the very long flight.  It wasn’t a pleasant ride in 1967 and it wasn’t much better this time.  We just have to accept that as the cost for visiting Vietnam.

  Again, thank you!  I'd recommend a Miltours to anyone.


Paul Anctil, Captain, USMC (Ret)

71st Anniversary Battle of Iwo Jima, Reunion of Honor – 20 – 27 Mar 2017

Thank You! Mere words do not adequately express how grateful I am to you for the opportunities you provided mom on out March 2017 trip to Iwo Jima. You rolled out the red carpet. We never imagined in our wildest dreams that she would participate in the wreath ceremony, get to the beach and stand on the top of Mt. Siribachi. What memories she took home with her that day.

Mom’s experience with Military Historical Tours, the troops, and time spent on Iwo Jima were all very healing for her.  It provided a greater sense of relevance and importance to her brother’s life and death, connecting the past with the present. I don’t think that could have happened anywhere else.

We knew this trip would be important but we had no idea just how important it would turn out to be.

Again, many thanks to the Military Historical Tours, the IJAA for your time and efforts. We wish you the continued success.

Sandy Cox (Mother). Written by Gale Philott’s (Daughter)

100th Anniversary of WWI 19 – 30 May 2017

Tour Leaders James and Mark did a superior job! Time and logistics were maximized to see additional things. Very well done like lunch on bus to not waste time and even better that it was good. Overall outstanding and I would be glad to provide input or answer questions for others considering this tour. Verdun Hotel was a great one. No negatives, this was my second time on this type of tour and I fully enjoyed this one.

MSGT Niall Mulkeen, USMC(Ret)

73rd Anniversary of D-Day 27 May – 9 June 2017

Tour Leader John Powell was excellent and the group loved him! His commentaries kept the group involved and were extremely knowledgeable. Both Driver (Ronnie) and French Interpreter (Casey) should always be used as they both did excellent work.

John Chaffey

 Korean War Revisit – 18 Jun – 1 Jul 2017

I went with my grandpa who was a Korean War Veteran. I had a great time and would not change a whole lot about the trip. All of the people and staff were very helpful, welcoming and accommodating. The food was good; tour guides were knowledgeable as well. My grandpa really enjoyed the trip as well. It gave him a sense of accomplishment to see the country so developed after he had served back in the 1950’s. I highly will recommend this trip to as any Korean War Veteran’s.

Written by Brian Peter’s grandson.

The per-tour was outstanding. We thank Jamie for encouraging us to take it. My expectation were exceeded, Steve Tharp did an excellent job as you also did. I will spread the word about the tours.

Bobby Barr

Korea Revisit October 16 – 31 2017

Tour staff was excellent, ready to help at any time. Very attentive!

Delmar Davis, USA (X Corps Special Ops)

This was my trip of a lifetime. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Herbert E. Hopp, USA (11th Evac Hospital)

76th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor 1 – 8 Dec 2017

I am vert grateful to Pam and Jamie in their very professional manners. Taking the time to explain everything to me. The Hotel, the food and the tours, was off the chart. I have taken so many military tours since 1994, this tours was by far the best. I have never ever had such a knowledgeable and professional tour guides, as Shayne Jarosz.

This tours to Pearl Harbor was excellent. Every person I came to know during this trip was and outstanding individuals. The accommodations at Royal Hawaiian were wonderful. Shayne, our tour leader was informal, entertaining, patient, respectful and positive. He included all age group in his knowledge and kept the tour on pace.

Kevin O’Dwyer

48th Anniversary of the Tet Offensive and Battle of the Hue City – 27 Feb – 11 Mar 2016

Tour guides Dave Wall and Chuck Meadows ere wonderful as well as the local guides.

I had an extra day in Hanoi and glad I did as there’s a lot to see.

We took an unplanned trip to My Lai and well worth it! Did the add-on to Diem Bien Phut – also well worth it. Over all the tours was outstanding.

Dot Prose

71st Anniversary Battle of Iwo Jima, Reunion of Honor – 14 – 21 Mar 2016

Toni, Trish and I were truly amazed and greatful for the time on Guam and Iwo Jima with the Iwo Jima Vet’s and everyone else on the tour. The staff with John, Ann, Shayne and Art were outstanding. Great organization on the itinerary and thanks greatly accommodation for church service and tour of Anderson Air Force Base. We will be planning on join MHT again soon. If you need a reference for the tour please feel free to use out names.

Pat & Toni Zenishek

50th Anniversary Vietnam Veterans Return – 7 – 20 May 2016

The Trip was wonderful. John Powell is a great tour guide and leader. Bob Hesselbein’s historical information was extremely educational. We would not hesitate to recommend this trip to anyone.

Frank & Pamela Elliott

No negatives! Outstanding tour. One of the best we have taken.

We will travel with MHT again.

BGen George & Portia Wells.

World War I – 21 May – 1 Jun 2016

As you can tell we loved out tour of WWI battlefields and sites. We will take a look to you next Normandy tour for certain. Again, thanks to all at MHT for a truly memorable, enjoyable and informative WWI tour.

Larry & Sarah Huskins

Mark Typinski, James White and Gary Andrejak each did an excellent job. Mark was exceedingly well prepared, just important an engaging speaker that was easy to listen to for extended periods. His talks were full of pertinent facts and I found them most interesting. James’s excellent presentation was equally loaded with factual information, as well as a bit of humor. Gary was always available and on-guard to make sure things went smoothly. Each of these guys worked diligently to make the tour the great success it was.

Jeff Jackson

Korean War Revisit – 22 – 28 Jun 2016

This was a trip of a lifetime for us. It finally made real all the Korean War stories we have heard.

Everyone was most helpful and accommodating. Vivian did an outstanding job of keeping thing well organized and of relating pertinent information about places we visited. Jamie was a very good tour leader and most helpful in getting things set up and keeping us informed. We have recommended the tour to several other veterans in our area and hope they will follow through with bookings in the future.

James & Tonya Newby

“The Eastern Front” 70th Anniversary of Operation Barbarossa & the Russian WWII Battlefields – 30 Jun – 10 Jul 2016

I cannot tell you how impressed we were with Oleg. He gave us more than out money worth. He has a great personality, considerate, well organized in the planning for the tour. We all had a great experience especially lunch with Russian Vets of WWII.

Leland and Beverly Glenn

Korean War Revisit – 22 – 28 Jul 2016

This tour was without a doubt the trip of a lifetime! We literally cannot believe how well we were treated, how wonderful the events and tours were. How well-educated the entire trip was, how well organized trips was. How delightful the tour guides were, everything was absolutely wonderful! We feel so honored and privileged to have been able to take this wonderful trip and we have the greatest gratitude for the Military Historical Tours, the Korean Government and everyone who was a part of this amazing trip.

Matthew & Margaret Segal

We went on the Pre-trip in Korea with Mikes Dad who is a Korean War Vet. This was an amazing tour and very healing for Dan to see the country restored and growing in every way. Dad was also deeply touched by the thankfulness of the South Korean people and government. WE ALL WERE. The Korean people welcome the veterans with happiness and thanks.

Mike & Cheryl Schneider

“The Great War” WWI – 15 – 27 May 2015

Your research, organization and hands on approach were very enlightening and enjoyable. While the quicker pace was necessary to cover the subjects, folks had the option to minimize outings. My iPhone step counter averaged over 12K per day. Expect other people in our group are still missing a new adventure every morning.

Thanks to Colonel White, Colonel Andrejak and Jim Shite. And Magali’s local acumen was outstanding.

Mark Lindberg

2nd Infantry Division – 27 Jun – 2 Jul 2015

The tour was well managed with a great amount of help form the 2th ID. Jamie and the tour staff were helpful and a pleasure to be with. The hotel was good. Thank you all for a great tour

Janice & Jack Woodall

96th Anniversary Tour of American WWI Battlefields – 16 – 26 May 2014

Bill, Pat and James were a team – very knowledgeable and for me personally, the visit to my Great Uncles grave was the highlight for me. We would have been lost in the French language without Magali. All was GREAT.

Michael Ferneau

Kathy (my wife) and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Col. White, Pat Mooney and James White are outstanding in all aspects in their support and knowledge. They took exceptionally good care of us from the first day until the last day in Paris. It was obvious how much they cared for us and wanted us to get as much out of the trip as possible.

I can’t say enough about our French Guide, Magali. She made the trip so much enjoyable due to her outgoing personality. She was truly outstanding!!! On one of our “free” days in Paris, she accompanied us in navigating the Metro and seeing several interesting points of interest along the way. At the end of the day, she pointed us individually to our next destinations and made sure we all knew how to safely return to the hotel.

Our group became very close during the tour, and many of us hope to regroup in four years for the 100th Anniversary Tour of American WWI Battlefields.

Again, I want to thank you and all the support staff, and our tour staff travelling with us an especial THANK YOU, for making this one of the highlights of my live. As you may or may not know, my grandfather was WIA ON June 12th, 1918 in the Belleau Wood and it has long been a dream to make this journey.

Brian R. Donham, MGySgt USMC (Ret)

70th Anniversary of D-Day Landing - 1 – 9 June 2014

We believe this tour achieved all the objectives set forth my MHT and more than met the expectations of the tourists. Throughout the tour many of the tourists commented on how much they were enjoying themselves, how much this tour meant to them and how fortunate they were to be in Normandy at the historical time with so many veterans of D-Day. Even considering with some of the small problems, we heard almost no complaints. Great tour otherwise.

Dave Wall & Sam McClinchie (Tour Leaders)

I’m very impressed with the planning and organization of our trip to Normandy. David and Sam did a great job making this trip go smoothly. Our local guide Emmanrielle was just so wonderful. She was warm, friendly, helpful and competent. She was very cool while trying to solve all the big and small hiccup’s she encountered during our entire trip. She’s really very special!

Mimi Nee

Our tour guide, Emanuel was spectacular! She was kind, so knowledgeable and became a friend. Her attention and care of our 90-year-old D-Day veterans were so special. Our 2 tour leaders were also good, especially Dave, whose sense of humor added a great deal to the trip.

My only suggestion is this: Between our t busses, we had 5 veterans of D-Day. I wish we’d had an even early on, to have them all available to speak to us. Share their stories and answer questions. They are all such quiet Heroes, but the 2 I did het to speak to at length were so informative and charming and special. The more access to these great men, the better for all of us to learn their story. I’ve never felt prouder to be an American than when I spoke to this Hero’s.

Judy Larzelere & Don Gillespie

Return to Guam – 18 – 24 July 2014

I went with my dad (9th Marines, 3 MarDiv) to Guam with your group. It was a life-altering trip for me, and I think it was equally incredible for dad. You have my highest commendation.

Dr. Stephen D. Regan, Ed.D.President
Iowa Council Navy League & Trustee USS IOWA (SSN-797) Commissioning Committee 

Airfields of the 365th – 31 July – 11 August 2014

My husband and I have traveled extensively and taken tours. By far you tour has surpassed and experience we’ve had. Our guides John, Gary and Magali were so informative and personable. To say we got out money’s worth is an understatement. I’m not sure how we accomplished what we did on such a small amount, but our guides made sure we saw it all and heard the history and details of each site. We had such fun, emotions and enjoyable times.

Cynthia Austin

“The Eastern Front” 70th Anniversary of the Kursk Tank Battle, 2 – 14 July 2013

The tour staff was great. We could not have had a better tour guide then Oleg. He was so knowledgeable, in addition to being gracious, pleasant and a joy to be with. He really worked hard. Bob Perry as usual, was very helpful and considerate. He fought for our tour of the Hermitage. Although it was listed in the MHT itinerary it had been deleted per Oleg due to some misunderstanding. Thanks to Bob it was reinstated.

I really enjoyed visiting various battle sites and museum. I certainly increased my knowledge and appreciation of the Russian participation and suffering during WWII. 

I really enjoyed meeting with the Russian WWII veterans and having lunch with them.

Janet A. Berry

70th Anniversary Battle of Midway – 1 – 6 June 2012

We’re not really “tour people” but this tour greatly exceeded our wildest expectations. It was well planned and exciding. Bill McCulloch did an outstanding job. He was always there and showing a big smile! We will definitely go on another tour and more with MHT.

Thomas J. Eley & Cheryl A. Northon

Peg and I thought everything was well organized and came together nicely. Meals, Bus travel and accommodations were very nice. The Symposium was excellent. Every student in the USA should attend the presentations about our great country like this one. The Midway Island experience both in 1952 and June 4, 2012 will always be a highlight in our lives.

Thanks, MHT for your efforts in getting it done. We would like to give a special thanks to Anne Swenson for her pre-Midway comments via phone. Also special thanks to Bill McCulloch for his great work in running our tour group with joy, enthusiasm and a BIG SMILE. Really a pleasure to be with.

Jim & Peg Butts