Recommended Reading List Vietnam

Recommended Vietnam Books


Street Without Joy  

Bernard B. Fall  




Viet Nam Gulag   

Doan Van Thoai




Kim Van Kieu     

Nguyen Du




Hell in a Very Small Place

Bernard B. Fall





Nguyen Cong Hoan




Phase Line Green

Nicholas Warr




Victory at Any Cost      

Cecil B. Curry




Fields of Fire        

James Webb




Valley of Decision  

Prados/ Stubbe




The Old Man's Trail  

Thomas Campbell




Kingdom in the Morning Mist          

Gerald Hickey




The Magnificent Bastards         

Keith W. Nolan




Novel Without a Name  

Duong Thu Huong





Douglas Pike





Fire in the Streets      

Eric Hammel




Death Valley 

Keith W. Nolan



The Easter Offensive      

Col. G.H. Turley, USMC (Ret.)



No Shining Armor

Otto Lehrack



The First Battle

Otto Lehrack



Honor The Warrior

William Myers



Semper Fi Vietnam, From De Nang to the DMZ, Marine Corps Campaings 1965-1975

Ed Murphy




Honor Bound, American Prisoners of War in Southeast Asia 1961-1973

Rochester & Kiley



We Were Soldiers Once & Young

General Moore & Joe Galloway



Our Vietnam, The War 1954 - 1975




Marine Rifleman

Col. Wesley Fox, USMC (Ret) MOH



Vietnam Now

David Lamb



Fortunate Son

Lew Puller, Jr.



The Bridge at Dong Ha

J.G. Miller



One More Mission

Oliver Korth



The Battle for Hue, Tet 1968

Keith W. Nolan



The End of the Line, The Seige of Khe Sanh




Lost Soldiers

James Webb