Support to tourists left behind

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May 6, 2020


Dear friends,


We have independently confirmed that Beyond Band of Brothers has officially gone out of business and they have initiated proceedings to terminate their company.


However, we (Military Historical Tours, Inc. – who has absolutely no relationship, business interest or association with Beyond Band of Brothers in any way shape or form) also provide similar tours and are offering to help any and all of those who were “abandoned” by the BBOB company by inviting them to join us in one of our future tours, some of which are remarkably similar and in the same theater of operations, and some within the same dates.


For those who have already purchased airfare, we are also mobilizing our tour leaders to bring previously booked BBOD customers into our tours in the same locations, at that same times. Most airlines are offering change of tickets with no penalties as well, so we are working to secure almost the same tours at the same times, within the same areas with as little stress as possible.


You may not have to reschedule your entire tour!


So if you are already booked we may be able to put you on a tour within the same time frame so you can save your vacation. If that is not possible, and for other tours, that you want to reschedule, you can join any of our other tours later this year or in 2021.


The itineraries will likely differ, some a little, some a lot, but you’ll get a fantastic military tour, with the best military tour company since 1987.


Here’s some of our background:


Our founder and CEO Colonel Warren H. Wiedhahn served thirty-three (33) years of active duty in the Marine Corps, and is a veteran of both the Korean and Vietnam Wars. He has been awarded the Silver Star Medal, the Legion of Merit with Combat “V” and a Purple Heart in addition to numerous other decorations.


We at Military Historical Tours pride ourselves on our 35+ years in business with thousands of satisfied customers. Check us out at We are bred from military roots and you can see our staff and tour leaders here:




We’re real, we're based in the USA, and we’ve been here for more than 3 decades right here in Woodbridge, Virginia. We’re not going anywhere and we want to help you as we continue to provide the best in military history, experiences and touring these hallowed grounds… just like we have since 1987.


Give us a call and let’s get you to WWII and some real Band of Brothers Tours.


LTC John Powell, USA (Ret) – Former United States Army Cobra Pilot


(703) 590-1295

LTC(R) Powell’s military decorations include two awards of the Distinguished Flying Cross, two awards of the Air Medal for Valor, the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, the Bronze Star, three awards of the Meritorious Service Medal, the Legion of Merit, and thirty-three (33) Air medals for combat air missions.