Blog 11/30/2020 - 245th USMC Birthday

MHT Blog November 30, 2020 - 245th USMC Birthday – Quantico, VA
A Report from a National Museum of the Marine Corps Docent Carol Quinn-Lassell

Pandemic or no pandemic, the Marine Corps celebrated its 245th Birthday!!

On November 10, a small group of stalwart National Museum of the Marine Corps (NMMC) Docents gathered to commemorate this most auspicious occasion.  For the past many years, this “Mess O'Docents” as we are famously (or infamously) known, has undertaken this solemn obligation at Major Rick Spooner's USMC(Ret) legendary Globe & Laurel Restaurant in Stafford, VA (originally located in Quantico town & then in Dumfries on US 1 by the main gate & now still on US 1 South of the back gate.)  Forced by current circumstances to abandon that revered venue, we did as Marines always do, we adapt and overcome!

In a large white tent adjacent to a nice local restaurant, we observed all the protocols and formalities. The highlight of the evening was the presence of Maj Rick Spooner (the oldest Marine present at 94 years young) who recited "The Tribute to the Flag" and another poem completely from memory. The youngest Marine present was a Captain. The Cake was cut with the traditional Mameluke Sword and Maj Spooner as Guest of Honor & Oldest Marine received the first piece of cake which he passed to the youngest Marine signifying the passing of experience and knowledge from the old to the young of our Corps. 

Then, all proceeded to party with the satisfaction that not even COVID-19 can stop a Marine Corps Birthday Celebration!
SEMPER FI to all!!

A Tribute to Our Flag by CDR John W. W. Cumming, USN June 3, 1942

A Salute to thee, Old Glory, the Stars and Stripes—Our Flag!
Thou wast born, June 14, 1777;
Thy field of blue with forty-eight stars of white doth represent the union of States while thy thirteen stripes of red and white, the original colonies; but thou art more;
Thou art a silent symphony of Red, White and Blue, the harmony of Home and Country composed by GOD, HIMSELF, the Master of Life, Liberty, Equality and the Pursuit of Happiness;
Thy azure Blue, like the firmament, displays now a galaxy, a constellation of bright shining stars in one of which each of us has a Home, yet, every other star is likewise a Home for each of us—one for all and all for one—a Perfect Union;
Thy stripes of White, six in number, emblazon on high, the purity of purpose of Creation by the Almighty GOD whose Omniscience and Omnipotence, in six days, brought into being all there is, including Earth and over all therein gave HE dominion to Man—and—God was pleased because all was good; thus was thy birth first planned;
Thy stripes of Red, seven in number, one for each day of the week in which to render passionate, living, virile worship and service to the Infinite, by man serving man in joy and sadness, in plenty and poverty, in health and sickness, regardless of cost, sacrifice, race, color or creed; thus do our part by Providence planned;
I salute thee, my Flag, because thou dost symbolize all I hold most dear—GOD! Home! Country!— and I will defend thee against all enemies, domestic and foreign!
I salute thee!

Thanks to Carol Quinn-Lassell, Vietnam Veteran, NMMC Docent & MHT Volunteer for the update.