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The Iwo Jima Association of America (IJAA) is dedicated to perpetuating the legacy, preserving the memory of our Iwo Jima and WWII Pacific campaign veterans, and ensuring America and Japan never forget their sacrifices. To that end, IJAA is proud to provide a special and unique experience honoring the sacrifices and legacy of those veterans through a chartered Memorial Flight to the island of Iwo Jima (IwoTo) Japan. On this iconic battlefield we join with military and civilian dignitaries from the US and Japanese governments, along with the bereaved families of the fallen patriots on both sides of that terrible conflict for a solemn and reverent Joint US/Japanese Reunion of Honor. This commemorative and joint memorial service furthers the reconciliation between the US and Japan, strengthens the alliance between our two nations, and ensures, in the words of Madam Kuribayashi, the widow of the Japanese Commander during this fierce battle, “Once enemies, now friends, never again”.  
Thereafter, participants may visit the “black sand” beaches or, time remaining, view them from the top of Mt. Suribachi. 
History comes alive to ensure we never forget.   

Help us to continue the legacy and ensure America never forgets!

The Iwo Jima Commemorations are on Saturdays as the Joint Ceremony with the Japanese are conducted at the Memorial above Red Beach.  Visits to Mt. Suribachi and the Landing Beaches to walk the "Black Sands" are always scheduled.   The Iwo Jima Association of America (IJAA) in cooperation with United Airlines will have chartered jets for the day long visit to walk the battlefields of this fateful clash during the Pacific War.  Guam will again be the base of operations for the IJAA Battle Symposium and Anniversary Banquet.

Early in the morning we will depart Guam for a day-long Memorial Commemoration and Observance on Iwo Jima.  Upon arrival, you will be met by the official U.S. and Japanese Government delegation consisting of representatives from the Armed Services. (We will land on the site of Motoyama airfield #2.)  After visiting Mt. Suribachi and the scene of the famed flag raising captured by Joe Rosenthal  on 23 Feb 1945. Afterwards, Veterans and their families will gather near the landing beaches to conduct Memorial Services at the Anniversary Monument. These services, conducted by Dignitaries and Veterans of the United States and Japan, will remember and memorialize those young men who gave their lives during the savage campaign for the island.  Following a box lunch, we will continue visiting the island to include the landing beaches. Late in the day we will return to the airfield where this historic day began, to gather one last time in friendship and camaraderie on the sacred soil of Iwo Jima. 

Register today to reserve your seat to walk the “Black Sands!”

Below is the excellent video by Penn State University – Altoona Professor Jared Frederick who has attended the Iwo Jima Reunion of Honor.


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